Identity, Typeface

Term: Fall 2019
Advisor: Shreyas R Krishnan, Douglas Dowd
Partner: Natalia Oledzka
I worked with a team of designers, photoraphers, and illustrators to create the printed and digital identity for a day-long visual journalism project at WashU led by Shreyas R Krishnan and Douglas Dowd. My classmate Natalia Oledzka and I were asked to collaborated on the iconography and applications of the wordmark. I designed the custom type in Illustrator and created the logo lockup.

In early November during the inauguration of the new WashU Chancellor Andrew Martin, a cohort of student illustrators sketched candid moments from the festivities. Natalia and I collected these illustrations and compiled them into social media posts and keynote presentations under the identity that we designed.

Type in use: Spot Mono, from Schick Toikka
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