Editorial Design

Term: Fall 2019
Advisors: Chrissi Cowhey, David Rygiol

Final project for Chrissi Cowhey’s Capstone Research: Form & Function course at WashU. I was asked to translate the auditory experience of a podcast episode into a purely visual experience. After arguably far too much deliberation, I chose Dinosaurs, Dark Matter, and Extra Dimensions, an episode from the On Being podcast about the interconnectedness of the Universe.

With the airy typographic layout and contrasting body text sizes I wanted to evoke my fascination with the eeriness of the unexpected connections between invisible particles in outer space and our material world. I used the green short sheet pages to create a more interactive and tactile experience comparing a photo of a celestial object to a photo of cells under a microscope—allowing readers to come to their own conclusions about interconnectedness between seemingly disparate things. 

Type in use: Favorit, by Dinamo
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