Food Court Magazine

Magazine examining American identity through the lens of food. I curated articles and images to create a narrative about the connection between American food culture and our country’s social and political institutions—from obsession with fast food to the last meals on death row.

By taking a closer look at the food we eat, Food Court begins to explore the full picture of America: an often messy and unglamorous melting pot of beauty and brutality.

Seeing Sounds

Book, Data Visualization
Booklets that use typographic symbols to visualize music.

I designed the pattern system to accomodate any song — the song itself develops its own book with a unique pattern.

Floral Watercolor

Floral arrangement painted with watercolor on black paper.

Dark Matter

Book for an episode of On Being about outer space. The free-floating and compact type treatments intend to evoke the mystery and harmony in the natural world. The images are pulled from NASA’s public domain library.
Event platform and digital archive of events hosted by The Luminary.

Designed and developed in collaboration with Natalia Oledzka.